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Blog Title: Portable air conditioner vs split air conditioner

Main Que: Are portable air conditioners worth having or should I just buy a split, I mean there isnt a big price difference, is there?

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  • Query By: DEAN SANTOS (Seven Mile, FL)
  • Date: 08/28/2013

Answer: Portable air conditioners are easy to install and very convinient due to their mobitility. But the most important thing to note is that you need to provide an vent outlet for your portable ac. So as long as you have a window or a location to let the exhaust vent to let the considered air pass out, you should be good to go. Furthermore, portable ac are less expensive. The only negative aspects of the system would be that they are noisy, have restrictions on their placement and are less efficient. But for portable cooling and heating usage, they are definitely worth having.

  • Replied By: MICHAEL ROWN (Risco, NV)
  • Replied Date: 08/31/2013